Fake xhr request from rspec

28 Feb 2013

I discovered today that I had no idea of how to fake an xhr request in an Rspec controller test. I need this cause some of my layout strategy behaves on the request.xhr? method. … (Read More)

ruby alias vs alias_method

29 Nov 2012

While alias and alias_method looks very similar at first they hide a substantial different behaviour. Look at the following code. … (Read More)

Railo 4 beta released

03 Jul 2012

Railo 4 beta has been released. … (Read More)

Redis cache extension for Railo

18 May 2012

I have recently had occasion to work with Redis and I got really impressed by how is fast and reliable. Redis is a nosql key/value store quite commonly used in the Ruby world where I am digging these days. … (Read More)

Rspec rails views tips

22 Apr 2012

In the last days I faced some new challenge in testing rails views with rspec. Here is what I learned. … (Read More)