Jordan Micheals has posted a great update to the Railo Installers project. 

Read more here.

Some of the bugs fixed/enhancements: Patch Notes: 
- [NEW] IIS6 Is now fully supported on Windows Server 2003 
- [NEW] IIS7 Is now properly supported on Windows 7 machines 
- [NEW] IIS7/IIS6 now set "index.cfm" as a default document option 
- [NEW] Windows 64-bit is now available 
- [BUGFIX] Windows 32-bit Installer will now auto-detect 64-bit machines 
and will install the 64-bit connector when being installed on a 64-bit 
version of Windows. This is true for both IIS6 and IIS7. This avoids the 
  "LoadLibraryEx" failure in IIS if a 32-bit connector has been 
installed on a 64-bit version of IIS. 
- [UPDATE] The Tomcat connector has been upgraded from version 1.2.28 to 
1.2.30 (latest as of this release) 
- [UPDATE] The Tomcat Engine has been upgraded from version 6.0.20 to 
6.0.26 (latest as of this release) 
- [UPDATE] Source code in the Java JDK has been removed in order to 
reduce the size of the installers by approximately 20 MB. The installers 
now hover around the 100MB range. More rarely-used aspects of the JDK 
that ships with the installer may be removed at a later date in order to 
reduce the download size even more.