While the cfeclipse team is working on giving support to the new scripting syntax added recently in cfml I falled into something that can help someone to have a better feeeling in the meantime. I was not aware, until yesterday, that this syntax is supported in a script based cfc: <div></div> So while it does not really looks “amazing” this will give you code colouring and syntax highlighting. But, most important, the syntax is fully supported from ACF and Railo too ( did not test on OpenBD ).

Some of you will be asking why to do that ? Just use cfbuilder …. and I agree. Cfbuilder is a great tool also if , in my opinion , lack of linux support. But I am one of those who are convinced that cfml deserves an open and strong ide to attract more developers so … if you think like me consider to donate something to cfeclipse project.