I have just uploaded the Railo WebSockets Gateway Extension to the Railo preview extension provider.

This extension enables you to launch a server that is capable to manage messaging from HTML WebSockets.

The server runs on a dedicated port. Railo will receive notifications when a connection is opened, closed and any time a message is sent invoking a cfc listener class. The gateway can also being invoked via SendGatewayMessage so to allow your app to push message to all the connected clients.

While only few browsers natively support WebSockets up to now exists many libraries that mange the failover to flash sockets or other technologies like ajax long polling etc... WebSockets are a great way to implement messaging and data pushing using well known technologies like javascript. The gateway just makes it a breeze pushing data from your Railo application to any connected client.

You can find docs about the extension in the Railo wiki and some sample code cloning the following github repo https://github.com/andreacfm/websockets_example_apps.

Please post any feedback in the Railo Google Group and any bug in the Railo Jira bugtraker.