A couple of weeks ago I was reading a post from Raymond Camden that remembered me I completely forgot to add support to addevent() in Railo cfmap implementation. The blog post was quite interesting and showed a way to add streetview to a google map, generated by cfmap, using the Coldfusion.Map.addEvent function. Read the post here. Of course code was not running in Railo due to the lack of the method in the Railo js library.

I made a patch and support was added in Railo

So following the Ray example (all credits to Ray for the following code) you can run the following code in Railo and adding a streeview to your cfmap using the addEvent() function.

Please note that in Railo js library are available both the Railo and Coldfusion namespaces so Railo.Map.addEvent() is equivalent as running Coldfusion.Map.addEvent().

Have fun!